"Clarinetist Claudine Movsessian is one of the most acclaimed classical artists that has manifested in music today - renowned for her melodic, polished, dignified, imaginative, creative clarinet work and for her broad undertaking in delivering a modern day classical tradition to broader and youthful avid listener. Over the past few years, she has recorded many musical works including some of the best clarinet repertoire of the current day. Now, Sunset Classics is proud to announce that (Claudine) Movsessian has brought together two other music aficionados (Ema Dei and Dan Handrabur) for what is the first time recording of a full length album of masterpieces on its' debut self titled CD with Sunset (Classics). On this first release at the Sunset Classics & Jazz (SC&J) company, (Claudine) Movsessian performs her glorious clarinet works, along with a never-before-released 'clarinet and orchestral' arrangements of sound recordings, on a twelve (12) song full length album. The self titled debut album, is available in stores in U.S. and online, Mov Sessian Project Available From Sunset Classics" 

By: Don Lichterman C.E.O. Sunset Classics Corp. of America

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Téléphone: +33614515597

E-mail: claudinemovsessian@yahoo.com