Claudine Movsessian - Artiste Française


1991 - D.E.S.M. and first prize clarinet of C.N.S.M. Lyon.

1993 - C.A., graduate of pedagogy of C.N.S.M. Paris.

Prize international Orfeus compétition of contemporary music in Anvers (Belgium) in solists catégory.

1996 - Maîtrise of musicology of University Paris Sorbonne.

Classical and contemporary music

1 - solist classical and contemporary music

*since 1985, concerts of contemporary music with composers: Aperghis, Ballif, Cox, David, Frionnet, Lelos, Manchado, Martinez, Montesinos, Parise, Venerucci, …in Pompidou center, Sacem (Paris), Darmstadt (Germany), Anvers (Belgium), Rotterdam (The Netherlands)...

*classical musics

Duets clarinet/piano in festival Cristallia of Athens, churchs and theaters in Paris...
Concertos with orchestras;
*Mozart in Paris : church St Roch.
*Stamitz, Pokorny with sinfonietta of Moldavie.

2 - Scenic concert

Improvised musics with percussionists Mostafa Amidi Fard (Iran), Tzvica Voltoch (Israel) and singers Solange Boukhobza, Karoline Zaidline (abbaye of Thoronet, festival Fez in Maroc...)

- musical theater (see compositions).

3 - Ethnic musics

- Member of Black Yiddish trio (1991-2003) : cd at 1993 : concerts and festivals in Switzerland ( Basel, Zurick, Berne, Wintherthur, …) and Germany ( Freiburg, Ziegen, Koln...)
She fonds Azad in 1997 ( Klezmer, Armenia, Greece, tzigane...)
cd Klezmer in 1999 with the singer Jacques Grober.
cd Klezmer in 2001 Claudine Movsessian with AZAD an guests musicians from Greece, Iran, Israel, Moldavia, Russia, Roumanie...
cd in 2006 Ensemble AZAD : Arménian music.

4 - Compositions

Pièces of clarinet solo and chamber music.
Généric of Archimede television Arte in november 1998.
Composition of video Sightseeing from Tania Mouraud in may 2002.
Composition and performance of video Momentum from Tania Mouraud in november 2002 (Frac Normandy in Caen).

*Theatral musics

1991 - the life of Alexander Granach from dramator Myriam Goldschmied in Stadtheater of Basel.
1993 with the actor Milhoud Khetib in " suppliants " from Eschyle (festival Musica Strasbourg and theater " Le Maillon ", theater Gérard Philippe in St Denis).
1995 with " paroles " from Limoges : stories of Zimmermann in " Divan du Monde " in Paris.
2006 Théatral performances : "fables" of LA FONTAINE with Christine KAY.

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Claudine Movsessian